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Annual Veterans Day picnic, Saturday, Nov. 11, see below

Free Car Wash for Vets on Veterans Day, see below

    About Us
   Welcome to the website of the Grateful Citizens for the Appreciation of Veterans

With our headquarters in West Springfield, MA, we honor veterans of all branches of the United States armed forces.

    Our Mission
   Grateful Citizens for the Appreciation of Veterans expresses its appreciation by helping out the families of men and women who are currently serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and any other arena of conflict. We provide services to assist spouses by helping out with household tasks such as lawn care, snow removal and handyman services.

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Currently, we are focusing on fall cleanup, and soon, snow removal. The area we service is within a 15 mile radius of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Additionally, we feel that our troops deserve the thanks and support of all citizens. In times of war, we support our troups 100 percent and oppose any person or group that would attempt to subvert our country's efforts, hinder the progress of our mission, put our troops at risk or aid and abet our enemies.

    How to Apply for our services
   Please contact Family Services on your base for more information

  • Westover
  • Barnes
  • National Guard
  • Other base outside the Springfield, MA area:
    • Contact Family Services and ask them to email us

    Our Annual Event
   Each year on Veterans Day (unless it falls on a Sunday, in which case we hold our event on the next day, the 12th), we host an event on the Town Commons in West Springfield, Mass. Armed Forces members and veterans attend from all over New England.
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Our next event is Saturday, November 11, 2017, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., rain or shine.

Veterans, please be our honored guests and enjoy a free lunch (there is a nominal charge for non-veterans) as we honor you for the sacrifice and commitment you have given in serving in the United States military.
See pictures from past Veterans Day events

    Other Events Free Veterans Day Car Washes for vets!
Over 1,300 car wash locations across many nations will provide FREE car washes to veterans and current military service personnel, under the Grace For Vets FREE Wash Program on Friday, November 11th. The FREE washes are given to honor and recognize those that have and are serving in the armed forces.

Grace For Vets was founded by Mike Mountz, owner of Cloister Wash & Lube, in Ephrata, PA in 1998. Mountz vowed to find a way to honor veterans when he served and saw first-hand amputees and the seriously wounded at the Veterans Hospital in Valley Forge, PA. Several years after opening his first car wash, he started the Grace For Vets FREE Wash Program. With the help of car washes across the country who participate, more and more military servicemen and women are recognized each year through this program. The goal this year is to wash over 120,000 veteranís cars. This day is not about the car wash operators who are providing the FREE washes, itís about honoring and recognizing those that have and are still serving and protecting our country.

For more information please visit
Participating Car Washes in the Springfield area:
Bradley Auto Wash
1039 Memorial Ave.
West Springfield

Golden Nozzle Car Wash / F. L. Rob
518 Memorial Ave.
West Springfield

Golden Nozzle Car Wash / F. L. Rob
2685 Westfield St, (Rt.20)
West Springfield

Golden Nozzle Car Wash / F. L. Rob
1318 Boston Road

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